How to Register Cat as an Emotional Support Animal

Everyone deserves to feel happy and find emotional balance. Emotional support animals can give the necessary psychological backing and comfort. One of the popular representatives of such animals is an emotional support cat. It is a loving animal that can brighten up the life of its handler. In addition, the registration process of your pet as an ESA is quite simple and does not take much time.

Service, therapy, or emotional support animal?

The first thing to do before getting an assistance animal is to understand the terminology. The most conventional categories of helper animals are service animals, therapy animals, and emotional support animals. Of course, all three types of animal helpers have some resemblance, but there is an important dissimilarity between them.

Service animals are special animals that aid humans with various forms of inabilities. These can be physical, intellectual, psychical, or sensory dysfunctions. The most extended example of a service animal is guide dogs that help men with visual impairments navigate in space. Service animals undergo special training before coming to the aid of people with disabilities.

Therapy animals help people in stressful situations by taking an active part in their treatment. Such animals live in hospitals, nursery houses, and other specialized places.

Emotional support animals are needed to be companions and partners for people who are in a depressed psychological condition. Being close to a person suffering from any mental illness, an emotional support animal brings relief and peace to its owner.

Register Cat As Emotional Support

What are emotional support needs?

Emotional needs are a particular humans requirement that must be satisfied so that a person can experience happiness and peace. There are several basic mental needs of a man. Some of them can only be contented through interaction with other people. However, others can be fulfilled by the presence of an emotional support animal.

For example, an animal can meet such needs as the desire to feel safe. Every person wants to be in an environment that allows him or her to live without fears and worries about oneself. The animal can create this safe atmosphere physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Another need is a sense of connection with other social groups. In simple words, this is communication. For a person who constantly feels lonely, an emotional support animal becomes a companion. In addition, the pet is able to promote socialization and become a reason to start a conversation with other people.

Another important nonphysical need that an emotional support animal can satisfy is the sense of self-importance of each person. When a pet owner takes care of his pet, he feels important to this animal. Reciprocal emotions such as mutual help, support, care, endearment, and love can significantly accelerate the improvement of one’s mental health.

Who needs a psychological endorsement?

Above all emotional support is vital for individuals who belong to the most vulnerable groups of society. These are people with psychological disturbances such as depression, anxiety, and obsessive feeling of loneliness. For people suffering from these psychical diseases, ESA can become a part of the therapy along with visits to specialists and taking medications.

Staying close to people with mental maladies emotional support animals help to improve the well-being of their handlers. People are becoming more frank and sociable. They acquire self-confidence and get rid of fears and phobias. Also, the animal raises the level of security and safety of its owner, since the animal tends to protect its handler from any possible harm.

In addition, an emotional support animal can help children who have difficulty communicating with peers. And it also can be helpful for elderly people who feel rejected and unnecessary.

The effect of ESA on one’s condition

An emotional support animal has some mental health benefits for its owner. Globally, this is a reduction of psychological pressure on a person and helping him or her during crises.

If we describe the influence of ESA on the mental condition of a person in more detail, then first of all we should mention a decrease in the level of anxiety. Even banal interaction with a pet allows a person to relax and improves his or her mood.

Also, ESAs give their owners mutual care and love. Often caring for the animals helps pet owners to find a purpose and feel valued. In addition, animals also require love and care for them in revenge, which contributes to the elaboration of human emotional intelligence.

Betterment in the psychological state of a person also contributes to improving physical health. Reducing stress and anxiety levels facilitates the normalization of blood pressure and upgrades the ability to cope with physical pain.

Experts’ opinion on emotional support animals

Naturally, the positive influence of animals on humans is obvious. Pet owners become calmer, happier, and enjoy life more. However, many experts reflect on whether emotional support animals have any distinction from regular pets. ESA does not receive special training. Its therapeutic effect on the human condition has not been proven.

This is why a mental health professional may refuse to use ESA in the practice. Nevertheless, such therapists and psychiatrists often recommend that their patients turn to their colleagues who are familiar with the influences of the ESA on one’s condition and are ready to advise it to the patients as auxiliary therapy.

Surely, there are some controversial issues. For example, now more and more people are asking their physicians for an ESA letter to confirm the demand for an animal for the treatment of their mental illness. In some cases, it is really necessary, but sometimes people just want to get a benefit from the official status of an ESA.

Official confirmation of the need for an emotional support animal offers several juridical profit. Therefore, if you decide to have an emotional support animal and ask for a specific letter from a licensed therapist, be ready to answer some extra questions that will help make sure that your health condition really requires this animal.


Social anxiety disorder is the most frequent indication for obtaining an emotional support animal. In case if you have the feeling that the animal will assist to alleviate the symptoms of these diseases or you have had a practice of contact with animals, discuss it with you physician to know all the possible pros and cons.

It is not necessary to have specific documentation to get indispensable backing and comfort from your pet. However, if you would like to formalize the status of an emotional support animal, your therapist will assist you with that.

You should also remember that ESAs care requires your time and diligence from their owners. You must have satisfactory living space and the ability to take care of the animal including daily walks and feeding.

The preparation of emotional support animals

In contrast to a service animal, an emotional support animal shouldn’t carry out any specific task aimed at alleviating the life of individuals with ailments. The ESAs’ “work” is primarily about providing companionship and guaranteeing emotional prop for their handlers. Therefore, ESA does not require special breeding or education.

If you already have a pet that brings you peace and happiness, you can Register Your Cat As Emotional Support Animal on MyServiceAnimalRegistrar.. This can be done simply by obtaining special documents from a mental health professional.

ESA Cat ID card
You can order an ESA Cat ID card on the registration page

However, to enjoy the full benefits of ESA your pet must be disciplined to behave itself. The animal should not be aggressive. It should not pose a threat to any living creatures or bring material damage.

The multiplicity of species and breeds

Any pet can be an emotional support animal. Nevertheless, specialists believe that dogs, cats, and miniature horses are the best ESAs. Among these species, of course, the most popular are dogs, since they are known as excellent assistance animals.

However, if for some reason you don’t want to have a dog for emotional support and prefer cats, you can choose this animal. Felines are excellent emotional support animals too. In addition, they have more developed intuition and a spiritual connection with the owner. They can feel when they are especially needed by a man and be there until the urgent demand for them disappears.

Features of having an emotional support cat

For those who feel uncomfortable with dogs and for those who do not have the opportunity to look after an energetic animal, there is a possibility to get an emotional support cat. Cats can be dedicated and frisky family members. And they have the same freedoms as other emotional support animals.

Cats are quite companionate and compassionate. They are easy to care about and they love to be close to people. It doesn’t matter if you need a psychological endorsement to get rid of depression or just to reduce your stress levels, cats can be great companions in any situation.

Use of emotional support cats

The usefulness of emotional support cats for their owners is tremendous. Owning a feline is extremely valuable for general well-being and keeping a good mood. Like any other ESA, a cat can relieve depression and anxiety, reduce sense of desolation, and even in some cases can be helpful for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Also, cats help people to come through traumatic events in their lives or to cope with stress and tension. Also, such people can often suffer from panic attacks. Everyone deserves to be contented and enjoy life, therefore, emotional support cats are a great choice for those who need constant psychological help and care.

How to qualify your pet as an emotional support cat?

To qualify for an emotional support animal, you first need to understand that ESAs are intended for people with mental health problems. So, first of all, you need to contact a mental health professional to view your condition and provide all the necessary documents.

If a therapist diagnoses you with depression, anxiety, or another mental illness that can be cured with ESA, they can provide a special certificate called an emotional support animal letter.

There are also special online services that offer to receive a letter without leaving your home. In this case, you will have to answer several questions about your condition, and it is also possible to conduct an online consultation with a psychologist or psychiatrist. It is important to choose verified online services to get a legitimate ESA letter.

Happy family with ESA cat

What is an ESA letter?

The ESA letter is a special certificate issued by your therapist with sufficient qualifications and knowledge in the field of ESA. When receiving this certificate, be sure to make sure that it was written out on the personalized paper of your doctor. Also, the legitimate ESA letter must contain all the information about the doctor’s license, as well as his contacts and address.

Among other things, an ESA letter must include records that you are suffering from a mental disorder. In addition, the doctor must confirm that your condition limits you in the fulfillment of certain activities necessary for the normal functioning of any man. And of course, the ESA letter should state that emotional support animals are a necessary part of your treatment or therapy.

Protection of ESAs’ rights

One of the main privileges of legitimate emotional support animals is the protection of their rights in the housing field by Fair Housing Act. If you have an ESA letter from a licensed mental health professional, the landlord cannot prevent you from living with your pet even though pets are not allowed in the building.

The tenants do not have to pay the additional pet fees for the ESA. Landlords are not allowed to ask their habitats for extra information regarding their mental disorders or to request detailed medical records. In addition, the housing provider cannot evict an ESA owner and his or her pet without convincing reasons.

It is worth mentioning, however, that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does not accept emotional support animals as helper animals. Therefore, their freedoms to access public places are limited. ESA can only be found in pet-friendly establishments. At the same time, schools and colleges can independently decide whether to permit ESA to accompany students to the classes.

How to treat emotional support animals?

An emotional support cat doesn’t require any specific care. It is important to choose quality care products and food for the animal. In handling cats try to avoid loud sounds and harsh movements that can frighten the animal.

Don’t forget about physical interaction with your pet. Contrary to popular belief, cats are very social and love to be in the company of their owners. Cuddle with your cat and pet it as often as possible. Such interaction will positively affect both your condition and the condition of the animal.

Accessories and special equipment

Emotional support cat does not need special accessories or equipment. Basic items will be enough for cats. To get started, get a collar, litter box, and a special bed. Also, as needed, you can purchase a scratching post for your pet, toys, and other accessories that you think are necessary.

Also, do not forget that now there are new rules in the Air Carrier Access Act for the transportation of emotional support animals. Therefore, if you are planning flights with your pet, you will need a special pet carrier.

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