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Housing Accommodation Request

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Get a document to demonstrate in the hotel or any other rented place that you require the presence of the service animal or ESA to your landlord or manager. Avoid additional pet fees.

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Order online Housing Accommodation Request PDF + Printed Copy

One thing we would like to tell you from the very beginning – people with disabilities can make the housing accommodation request on their own. This process is 100% opened and is available to everyone out there, so, in case you would like to challenge yourself, – good luck! We hope the process will be fast and easy.

However, for people who do not want to waste their time on paperwork and different processes, we would like to offer help. At My Service Animal, it is possible to purchase a ready letter with all the needed signatures and agreements. Please note, you need to send all the required information about your service animal to us (it will be mentioned below); in this way, we will make a unique request directly for your purposes.

What is a request for housing accommodations?

Housing accommodations request – a particular document required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It is a request made by a person according to their unique needs, and it is mainly necessary when it comes to the living conditions of somebody with a registered service animal or emotional support animal.

A person with a disability needs it in case:

  • They need to send a housing application in a form (if a student requires a single room in the university or college);
  • A person moves to rented housing;
  • Somebody needs to live away from their home for an extended period of time.

In case you are wondering why is it important to have a proper letter when requesting housing accommodation, here is a list of the most common things that may happen without a valid request:

  • Refusing in renting, selling, or negotiating for housing;
  • Claiming that housing is unavailable without any proper reasons;
  • Changing terms, previously discussed conditions, or cost because of the person’s sex, race, disability, etc.;
  • Falsely claim that the accommodation is already sold or is not available.

Everything mentioned above is illegal, and a person should inform the ADA in case any of the unpleasant situations discussed above happened. And now, let’s have a closer look at the categories of people who are protected by the ADA:

  • Those who have any type of mental or physical disabilities (a proper definition of disability here is a health condition that limits sb’s life activity greatly – mobility, visual, and other impairments, mental illnesses, addictions, etc.);
  • Individuals with records of such disabilities.

A purpose of a proper housings request is to increase the quality of life for those with health issues, as well as avoid any type of discrimination that may happen when looking for a proper place for living.

What information should be provided when making housing accommodation requests?

In case you would like us to complete the documentation for a request instead of you, you need to provide the following information:

  • Your name;
  • Address;
  • A telephone number;
  • Information about your service animal (what type and breed, its name, what kind of services it provides you with, etc.)

After that, we can make your personal housing accommodation request online or send it to your address (depends of choose option). If there are no problems in the post office, you should get it in approximately three to five working days.

In case a landlord or people on the college campus decided to ignore your request or rejected your request without any serious reason, it is always possible to contact Fair Housing with an official complaint. It is also a good option in case you got a refusal to provide you with proper access to the territory of the house you dwell in (e.g., if the person with a disability needs a wheelchair, a ramp is crucial to get to the destination).

At My Service Animal, it is also possible to order some special products for your service animal, emotional support animal, or therapy dog. Online registration, a special physical copy of the certificate of registration, leashes, vests, individual tags with all important info about your pet are available. Of course, it is possible to purchase everything offline, but we live in the twenty-first century, so why not save yourself some time?


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8 reviews for Housing Accommodation Request

  1. T. K.

    Received it a few hours after the order. Can you guys print it?

  2. Emma

    Nice job, I needed this document for my vacation (I went to another state and was going to stay at one of the hotels there). They sent me it the next day, so I received everything on time!

  3. Tessa

    Fast delivery, really good service. I didn’t know that the order may be delivered only in two days, that’s impressive. Thank you!

  4. Tony Montana

    Nice service, fast work. I’ve got everything I expected. Will probably use their services again.

  5. Jesus Rivera

    I got it but the complex is asking me for a letter stating i need a 3rd party to provide a letter for the reason for the emotional support .It has been hard to get ahold any one for the request .

  6. Cherry W.

    I am satisfied, everything was done quickly. There were no problems with the document.

  7. Corina Collins

    Everything was great. Fast.

  8. Ronald

    It’s a very important document that makes living with your pet helper much easier, it’s great that there is a possibility to order it online.

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