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ADA Service Dog Full KIT Registration

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A service dog ID KIT included registration and all available documents and accessories from MyServiceAnimal Registrar

$ 194


ADA Service Dog Registration Kit

If you have never heard about service dog registration kits, we are going to change your life greatly right now! This comfortable solution allows a person who owns a service dog to buy all the necessary goods for their pet with just one click instead of browsing through dozens of websites and searching for the best solution. Not only it is more beneficial for your pocket, but it is also less time-consuming! On the My Service Animal website, it is possible to purchase a service dog registration kit, as well as an Emotional Support Animal kit (ESA kit). Contact us to order now!

We have a great variety of products for different purposes, so make sure to check them out on our website.

What is included in the Service Dog Registration Kit?

An ADA set for service animals is an excellent solution for people who don’t want to waste their time and spend hours choosing items required for every service dog owner. This process is long and can be very exhausting for some individuals; not to mention that by purchasing each item separately, you will spend much more money than when you buy it in a service dog kit.

On the other hand, when you choose My Service Animal, you can click just one button and forget all your worries! The regular price starts from $278 (it depends on harness size), and you can receive the following items inside of service dog kits:

If you do not need a full set, you can register a Service Dog separately and get the necessary accessories during the registration process.
In case a service dog set is not your option, it is always possible to order all needed items individually, not as part of an ADA kit.

Harness Sizes

If you need help choosing the right harness size for your dog when buying a service dog kit, get in touch with our managers and answer a few additional questions. The table below can be quite helpful for you as well:

  • XS – 13 to 35 lbs / 38 – 46 cm
  • S – 26 to 66 lbs / 42 – 52 cm
  • M – 57 to 99 lbs / 51 – 68 cm
  • L – 88 to 155 lbs / 61 – 76 cm
  • XL – 132 to 200 lbs / 68 – 91 cm
  • XXL – 170 to 310 lbs / 84 – 113 cm

This product comes in various colors, sizes, and types (depending on what animal you are buying for). So, if it’s difficult for you to pick the right one on your own, give us a call and discuss your doubts. We will make sure to select the best option for you and your four-legged friend!

Steps to order a Service Animal Kit

Our team made sure everything was easy and understandable on the website, so you have no trouble buying everything you need here. However, we would like to provide step-by-step instructions just so you are not confused during the ordering process. It cannot be simpler:

  • Make sure you have a letter of recommendation from a licensed medical professional;
  • Provide us with all essential information about your animal (breed, dogs photo, etc.), so we can pick products included in the service dog registration kit correctly;
  • Fill in and send a registration form on our website.

We also have products for Emotional Support Animals and therapy dogs, so people with various requests can find the goods they need here. We offer online registration for those who don’t need any physical items for the status confirmation of their pets, too; after registration is finished, a special registration number is given to every animal so that they can be found in the global Service Animal Registrar.

Please, contact us if you have questions about any aspect of our work or if you would like to purchase a service dog set. We want to make sure you have the best online experience after communicating with our team.

Reasons Why Service Dogs should be registered

Even though it is not demanded to register your service dog, it can make life easier for both the animal handler and the dog. Here are just a few reasons why you should complete this process and legally qualify as a service animal owner:

  • The traveling experience becomes easier with an official ID card. Service animals look just like regular pets; thus, they can always be confused at the airport. That can lead to numerous issues during the flight because it is forbidden to bring your pet inside the airplane and travel in the same compartment. However, if you are a registered service dog owner, the staff cannot forbid you to bring a dog with you (just remember, an airport needs at least 48 hours notice to make sure all workers on the plane are informed about your situation);
  • You have free access to different public places. Employees cannot ask you to leave or not bring your animal with you. Moreover, it is forbidden to ask personal questions, such as why you need the dog or what your disease is. If so, you should talk with their manager;
  • People get educated about this topic. Even though service animals are now more general than in the past, there are still those who have no idea why they even exist. So, by demonstrating your dog in their “working cloth” (we mean special harness, leash, service dog tag, etc.), you show people that it’s something completely normal, safe, and acceptable.

In case you don’t want to bring an ID card everywhere you go, it is possible to go through the online registration and be added to a service dog registrar. In this way, a special number would be given to you and your pet, and you can confirm the status of a service dog owner by simply showing it on your phone.

My Service Animal – the best option to buy a Service Dog Kit online!

Thanks to our long-term experience in the service animal sphere, we have learned a lot about our clients and their needs. That’s why we can say confidently that we provide great customer service and offer the most beneficial ordering conditions on the market. Each customer can enjoy various benefits available when cooperating with My Service Animal:

  • Possibility of both online and offline (with all essential accessories sent to your address) service dog registration;
  • Individually created and ready for shipping service dog kit, as well as an emotional support animal kit, which includes several products;
  • Affordable prices compared to other businesses;
  • The highest quality products in various sizes, colors, styles, and so on;
  • Customer support team to assist during the ordering process.

Managers in the customer support team are ready to help you during each stage of the ordering process, so don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you need it. All contact information (phone number, email, etc.) is indicated on the Contact Us page, so make sure to check it out. We are looking forward to our future cooperation!

Harness Size

XS – 8 to 13 lbs, S – 14 to 20 lbs, M – 20 to 35 lbs, L – 35 to 55 lbs, XL – 55 to 75 lbs, XXL – 75 to 90 lbs

2 reviews for ADA Service Dog Full KIT Registration

  1. Casey

    That’s an incredibly comfortable way to register a service dog, I didn’t have to worry about any little detail. Thank you for your work!

  2. Inna

    I love the attention to detail and functionality of the service dog kit, it is perfect for my service dog’s needs and it makes him look great too

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