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Get a document to demonstrate your pet service animal status.


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Order Online ADA Service Dog Certificate

Being a service dog owner can be challenging and complicated sometimes. A lot of people around do not understand the whole concept of a service animal and can bother a person with disabilities with uncomfortable and rude questions, interrupt a dog that is basically on duty, and even try to pet an animal without permission.

In order to avoid these situations, we offer you to Register your Service Animal Pet and get a special online service dog certificate. Not only that, but it is also possible to purchase various other useful products at My Service Animals – a service dog ID card, vest, harnesses, rags, and even a physical copy of the registration certificate. We are always ready to help you with your order, so, in case there are any questions – contact us to discuss those in more detail!

How to get a certificate for service dogs?

In order to get an online certificate of registration for your dog, you need to register it as a service animal first. To do that, a valid therapy letter from the doctor with a confirmation of your disability and a need for a service dog is required. Then, you have to give us basic information about your pet. It includes the following details:

  • The handler’s name;
  • The name of the dog (you can also indicate its breed and a photo);
  • Write your active email address.

After all the needed information is confirmed and verified by our manager, your pet will be registered, added to the database on our website, and a copy of an online certificate will be sent to the previously mentioned email. Contact customer support in case any complications or questions appeared during this process.

What benefits service animal certificate give you?

Service dogs have special rights that other regular animals do not have. They should accompany their handler everywhere they go, even to places where animals are not allowed. The full list of these establishments include:

  • All food-related places (bars, restaurants, cafes, etc.);
  • Educational establishments (school, university, working areas, etc.);
  • Every type of rented housing (apartments, condos, hotels, B&B, etc.);
  • Medical establishments (every area that doesn’t require total sterility).

Please remember that landlords cannot demand higher rent, as well as cannot charge you extra for cleaning service just because you are living with a service animal. If they try doing that, you can contact the ADA so they help you to solve this problem.

A service dog is also allowed on the plane during the flight; it should sit near the owner all the time, behave well, and do not cause trouble to other passengers or working staff. The only condition is to warn the airport so that they can prepare. If not warn them properly, employees can even forbid you to go on a flight, so mind that when traveling with a service animal. If the owner is okay with that, a dog can be placed in a cage and have a comfortable flight separately.

Which animals can qualify to become service animals

A service animal should always be properly trained to help a person specifically with their disabilities. A person can train their dog to become their personal service animal; however, most people prefer choosing a dog that was already trained and knew all the specifics of their health issue.

A dog of any breed and size can be qualified as a service animal. Sometimes, people also choose miniature ponies for this purpose. These animals are extremely intelligent and gentle, so they are perfect for a role of a little helper.

In case you have any questions about how to register your pet or any other misunderstandings related to this topic – contact us right away. Our customer support team is always ready to answer all of them and make this process as easy for you as possible. My Service Animal – we know what you and your pet need!

6 reviews for Service Dog Certificate

  1. Leonard H.

    It was such a relief when I found these guys on the Internet. Honestly, I thought that registration of the service animal is such a long and tedious process, but everything was pretty easy. And the certificate came fast too, so I’m 100% satisfied.

  2. Lisa

    Nice certificate, well-made, laminated and protected. Thank you for your work!

  3. Cristopher B.

    I lost the original certificate of my dog, but My Service Animal helped me to re-make it very quickly. Great service. Definitely can recommend!

  4. Sally Noel

    An easy and quick registration, I was very surprised when I finished it fast and without any complications. In case you are not sure how something is done on this website, lovely customer support will surely help you with any questions. Well, they managed to help me so…

  5. Alex D.

    Great service, pretty affordable price, and really nice customer support managers. There are zero complaints.

  6. Steven

    Thank you for the fast response, I appreciate your services. The certificate is great.

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