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Therapy Animal Registration & ID Card

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A therapy animal card is proof that your dog can provide moral support and help to those in such establishments as hospitals, rehab centers, elderly houses, etc.

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Therapy Animal ID Card & Online Registration

In case you would like to register your dog as a therapy animal, MyServiceAnimal Registrar is more than happy to help you with this process. Confirm the identification of your pet in order to make it possible for them to work with people who need moral support and psychiatric rehabilitation at different establishments.

First of all, a dog is required to complete a special training program to be able to work with people. Only after that, registration and actual work can be done. We provide you with a plastic Therapy Dog ID card as well, so you can always prove the status of the animal in case the situation demands it.

After professional training, a handler can take their dog to places with people who need moral support. It includes hospitals, nursing houses, schools, various rehabilitation facilities, and others. With the help of an animal, it is possible to conduct animal-assisted therapy and decrease the feeling of loneliness, eliminate negative obsessive thoughts, make the socialization process much easier, and simply provide comfort for those who need this.

In order to work with different people, a dog needs to be calm, be okay with physical contact with strangers, won’t be scared easily, and overall be a very patient animal. If you feel that your pet will be good for this role, register your therapy dog now at My Service Animal!

What are the benefits of a therapy dog ID card?

Unlike service animals and ESA, therapy dog ID cards do not give so many benefits to the pet and its owner. They do not have special access to public establishments, flights, or rental housing; however, it can be useful in some other ways.

Trained and registered therapy animals are allowed to become mental health support to those who need it. They are able to become one of the following types of therapy animals:

  • Therapeutic visitation dogs. These mainly visit various rehabilitation facilities together with their owners;
  • Animal-assisted therapy dogs. These dogs help patients who are on the way to their full recovery. They can help with certain skills, assist in exercising programs, or be there to make it easier to concentrate on the actual tasks;
  • Facility therapy dog. These dogs constantly live in such places as nurses’ homes and hospitals and help people to go through the hard times and comfort them when it is needed.

How can therapy animals help a person?

There is no doubt that it is incredibly beneficial to have a therapy dog around; that’s a fact. These animals have a remarkable impact on one’s well-being and emotional condition, so it’s pretty understandable why their services are so popular in establishments associated with stress and negative emotions: hospitals, nursing houses, prisons, and so on.

The primary purposes of therapy animals may vary from person to person, but the most common tasks of those are:

  • Anxiety relief and moral support;
  • Blood pressure-lowering;
  • Socialization improvement;
  • Dementia patients’ treatment.

However, stress relief is the main purpose of therapy animal meetings. People feel more comfortable around dogs, so it makes the whole socializing process much more manageable; patients can open up to others, get distracted from certain problems, and improve their general health conditions. Moral support is vital for a fast recovery process and rehabilitation, so why don’t combine it with some playtime with a four-legged friend?

A therapy animal doesn’t require training; the only essential thing is that they have to be sociable and well-behaved. So, if you feel that it sounds like something you would like to do with your pet, don’t hesitate to try registering your dog as a therapy animal on My Service Animal!

What’s the difference between a Therapy Dog and an Emotional Support Animal?

Therapy animals come in different shapes, sizes, and animal types and provide comfort to people in hospitals, old age homes, rehabilitation facilities, and other places where therapeutic assistance could be of importance. Therapy dogs improve the lives of the people around them. However, they do not have the same rights as emotional support animals.
There are several key differences between therapy dogs and emotional support animals. While both animals provide similar types of support, therapy dogs do not have the same rights as ESA’s. Registered Emotional Support Animals require a prescription letter in order to travel or live in pet-free housing. Therapy animals do not require prescription letters. Further, therapy dogs do not have the same special access rights.

Provide us with the following information to register your dog

In case you are planning to register your pet as a therapy dog, first of all, you need to complete proper training; only after that, we will be able to add your dog to our database and give it a status of a professional therapy dog.

In order to register, you have to fill in the application and provide us with the following information:

  • Name and breed of the dog;
  • Name and phone number of the dog owner;
  • Street address;
  • City and the state;
  • The photo of your pet (it is not required).

After that, your application will be confirmed, and you will get your ID card (and other accessories like harness, vest, tag, certificate of registration that you may purchase on our website) in three to five working days. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our customer support is always ready to assist!

Can I register a Therapy Animal at My Service Animal?

Therapy animal registration is a process that can take some time if a person doesn’t know much about it. That’s why it is crucial to reach out to someone who is aware of all the nuances in this sphere and can assist during this process. So, My Service Animal is an excellent option for individuals who don’t want to spend too much time running from office to office and gathering various documents together.

In order to register your pet as a therapy dog with an ID card, you should complete a few simple steps, namely:

  1. Make sure your dog is well-behaved and sociable, thus can easily bond with patients with various conditions and mental health issue;
  2. Fill in the registration form on the My Service Animal website;
  3. Wait until we get in touch with you.

That’s it; the process is successfully finished! Don’t worry if you have any questions or troubles, it is always possible to contact us and ask for assistance from our managers. You are going to work with professionals; try and check it yourself!

And a kind reminder that an excellent selection of service animal accessories is available on our website as well. Leashes, vests, tags, and plenty of other items – anyone can find something for their pets. All goods come in different sizes, colors, and types, so make sure to talk with a sales manager to pick the best option for your dog!

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    Very good

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    Fast delivery, nice quality of the ID card. My first experience, so I have nothing to compare it with. But I am very happy with the service!

  3. Bob

    My dog can now visit hospitals and nursing houses with me, I am so happy about it! Thank you, My Service Animal, for your work)))

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    Great quality of the products, I’m very happy with everything I ordered. I think I will buy here again in the future. Good job!

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    I am impressed with this website , real I am a fan.

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    I have nothing bad to say about this company, everything is great

  8. Lucy N.

    I didn’t know my dog could become an official therapy dog, that’s so great! Now I can finally fulfill all my goals. Thank you for the fast registration.

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