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Emotional Support Animal Harness

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Harnesses are a comfortable everyday accessory that shows the ESA status of your pet without any words or uncomfortable conversations.

➡Made from the strongest materials on the market.

➡With Reflective safety band

From $ 24


What is an emotional support animal harness, and why do so many ESA handlers choose to purchase it for their pets? The thing is, some people are not aware of the whole concept of the animal as moral support; that is why sometimes problems in public establishments, rented places, and airports may appear.

A harness is a perfect way to show such uneducated people that you and your dog shouldn’t be disturbed, be asked uncomfortable questions, or be aggressive. It is basically a sign that this animal is not just a pet but a real supporting companion.

At My Service Animal, we offer you to buy all the necessary accessories for an ESA fast and easily, with or without help – it’s your call! A wide range of products is available on our website – ID cards, tags, harnesses, etc. It is more comfortable to purchase everything in one place and have it delivered directly to your address, isn’t it? Moreover, an online registration option is also available here. Add your ESA to our database, and you won’t ever need to prove to anyone that you really require its presence.

What exactly is a harness for an ESA?

A harness is also known as a vest, and it is meant for demonstrating to people that you and your pet should not be disturbed. It also allows those with EASs to visit public places freely without the need to explain themselves. This accessory is not required, but most ESAs owners still choose to have it for overall comfort.

You have a lot to choose from at My Service Animal. Harness for various breeds, sizes, weight, etc., are available here. You may also pick colors, with or without handles, pockets, etc. Our customer support is here to help in case you have any questions about a specific type of vest you are looking for. Your happiness is our main priority!

What benefits does an ESA harness give?

Harness for an emotional support animal is basically a pass to the places where animals are not allowed. If you have a proven registration certificate, you have all rights to take your dog (or another animal) with you. Moreover, the ADA rules claim employees in such places cannot ask you anything about the emotional issues you suffer from. The only thing they can ask is if your animal is actually an ESA.

And, as we have already mentioned, the percentage of uncomfortable inappropriate questions will decrease dramatically if you have any ESA accessories. It is also a nice bonus!

Register and get all the accessories for your Service Dog or Emotional Support Animal (ESA)

At MyServiceAnimal, the owners of service dogs, emotional support animals, and therapy dogs may register them. By adding your pets to our database, you prove their status and can show it to anyone who doubts the trustworthiness of your words.

According to the ADA rules, ESAs and therapy dogs have to be registered and have a valid registration. That is why we offer you to do it here quickly, easily, and with our assistance (if needed). Also, if you would like to purchase an ID card, harness, tag, certificate of registration, or any other items at the best price – let us know.  We are always ready to help you and your service dog!


XS – 8 to 13 lbs, S – 14 to 20 lbs, M – 20 to 35 lbs, L – 35 to 55 lbs, XL – 55 to 75 lbs, XXL – 75 to 90 lbs

10 reviews for Emotional Support Animal Harness

  1. Mike

    reliable harness with a good discount.

  2. Louanne

    My brother recommended I might like this website. He was totally right.
    This post actually made my day.

  3. Karine

    It was definitely informative. Your site is extremely helpful.

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Betty

    that’s a very useful thing for people like me, who don’t want to be disturbed by others in public. a great sign that you need to be left alone. thank you for your great work

  5. George V.

    I’ve already ordered here a few times because lots of my friends have emotional support animals. Every time I had the nicest experience here. Your work is amazing, keep doing that and helping people.

  6. Zoila

    This post is in fact a good one it helps new web visitors,
    who are wishing for blogging.

  7. Verena

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Exceptionally well

  8. Billy Brown

    The material of harnesses here are just amazing, I’ve already ordered a few times. Highly recommend and want to thank everybody who works here for making my life much easier!

  9. crork

    I really loved this piece of content. I’ll be back to read more. Thanks for creating it!

  10. Kris K.

    Comfortable vest, easy to wash in the washing machine. The material is really nice as well.

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