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Therapy Animal Online Database Registration

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Confirm your animal’s status by including it in the database on our website.

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Not a physical product, only an online registration in our database with on-page verification.

You can order physical Therapy Animal registration with an ID card here.

If you’ve always wanted to help people who deal with their emotional problems and live through some hard times, training your dog as a therapy animal can be a pretty great option. And, as registration is a required step for this, My Service Animal Registrar offers you support in this process.

Dods’ assistance is highly demanded in such places as hospitals, different rehabilitation facilities, schools, nursing houses, and other establishments. All because animal-assisted therapies are incredibly helpful in decreasing stress levels, eliminating loneliness, stopping negative obsessive thoughts, as well as improving the socialization process, and providing comfort to those who need it.

So, if your pet is calm, well-behaved, can tolerate strangers and physical contact easily, and can be patient with people overall, you may surely think about this variant. First, you’ll need to complete a special training with your animal and complete the registration afterward, but then you’ll be able to assist people and make this world a little better place.

Why is registration required for Therapy Animals?

Only trained and registered animals have the right to work with people in different medical (and not only medical) establishments. After these two steps, a dog may become one of the following types of therapy animals:

  • Therapeutic visitation dogs. These animals go to various rehabilitation facilities with their owners to spend time with people;
  • Animal-assisted therapy dogs. These dogs assist patients who are about to recover fully. They are able to help with different skills, assist in training programs, or make it easier to concentrate on their current therapy animal tasks;
  • Facility therapy dog. These dogs live at such places as nurses’ homes and hospitals on a regular basis and help patients live through the hard times, and comfort them when it is needed.

Information required for a Therapy Animal Database Registration

As it was already mentioned, in order to register your pet as a therapy animal, you need to complete a special training program. Afterward, we will be able to add your pet to our database and give it all the rights therapy animals have.

Send us the following information:

  • Name and breed of the dog;
  • Name and phone number of the dog owner;
  • Street address;
  • City and the state;
  • The photo of your pet (it is not required).

What is the difference between online and regular registration?

If you choose online registration, your pet is only added to the online registrar on our website and doesn’t get any physical documents to prove its status. That means you only have an online webpage with all the information about your dog to confirm the need for their presence. Regular registration also includes certain therapy dog id to show people that the pet is currently on duty and helps you with your disability.

5 reviews for Therapy Animal Online Database Registration

  1. namu

    Amazing place to register your animals. The service is fabulous. Thank you so much for your work, guys!

  2. Luna

    Online registration is very comfortable if you don’t have enough time to go to the physical addresses of places that can register your animal. I appreciate this option a lot. My service animal is the best!

  3. David

    Very comfortable registration option, I’m very glad I’ve found it. Well done!

  4. Nina Williams

    Very good, I’m glad that I chose My Service Animal.

  5. Robin Jamison

    All was great, thanks.

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