Service Dog Information and Law

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was created on July 26, 1990, to protect those with physical and mental disabilities from discrimination and rights infringement. It claimed that everyone has the right to work, take part in local and state government, and be a decent part of society. “Equal rights” – simple yet important philosophy.

In order to get protection from the ADA, the person has to be diagnosed or have a record or history of physical or mental illnesses that limit basic life activities. Sometimes, a person’s relatives can apply to the ADA if they are not able to do it on their own.
The ADA does not list all types of illnesses that the term “disability” includes. It can be both physical, visibly noticeable ones (like blindness or impaired mobility) and those connected with mental health (anxiety, depression, etc.)
What Is a Service Dog?


Service dogs are animals taught to help and do tasks for people with disabilities. They can help deaf people, guide those with vision problems, comfort somebody during the anxiety attack, remind them to take medications, etc.

Service dogs are not pets, they are trained to be working animals. Each dog is taught to assist in tasks directly related to the owner’s disability.

Service dogs are allowed in every place that is opened to public visits. They can accompany their owners to grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, schools, parks, and other public areas. Remember, workers at the establishment you are visiting cannot demand a doctor’s letter, note, a document that confirms the person’s disability, training certificate, or any other type of documents. In addition, they also cannot ask to demonstrate how exactly a service dog helps its owner. This information is strictly personal!

The only two questions that can be asked are:

  • Is this dog helping you as a service animal?
  • What tasks are they taught to perform?

Note that those questions can be asked only if it is appropriate and disability is not apparent. E.g., if a service dog is guiding a blind person, it would be rude to talk about their service dog with them.

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