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Psychiatric Service Dogs
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It is proof that your dog is a working animal and has all the right to be near you at every place you visit. Include your dog in our database and forget about all uncomfortable situations you may get into.


Quick and easy registration of your psychiatric service dog online! You do not need to wait in a long queue and go through the list of uncomfortable questions with strangers. At MyServiceAnimal, it is possible to avoid the long exhausting processes and finish everything faster than you can even imagine.

Even though the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations claim people with mental illnesses do not need to register their service animals, most dog owners choose to do it to avoid unpleasant situations in public establishments and keep people informed about their problems.

By including your dog in the database on our website, you get its status proved, so you can demonstrate it to people if it is needed. It costs only $29 regular, and it is possible to get accessories for your service dog as well, such as an ID card, registration certificate, harness, etc.

How psychiatric service dog differs from the emotional support animal?

A lot of people often confuse an emotional support dog and a psychiatric service dog, and it is pretty understandable. Both types of animals support people with a mental illness; however, when emotional support animals do not do anything for their handlers (they are just supporting and play the role of moral help), PSD is individually trained to perform tasks in order to assist people with psychiatric issues. They can be trained to help the owner to perform daily tasks they can struggle with, remind them to take medications, etc.

What are the duties of a psychiatric service dog, and who can qualify for it?

Every psychiatric service dog is trained to perform tasks related to their handler’s disability. The number of specific tasks is almost countless; however, the basic tasks can be collected into the list. Here it is:

  • Supporting the person in everyday routine. Pets help to live a full life to the person with a mental disability. It doesn’t let a person oversleep, forget about food, or stay inactive for a long time. The dog makes sure their owners doing their best every day;
  • Remind to take medicines. If the handler needs to take pills daily, the dog can remind them about it. It can be done in many ways: pawing, bringing the bottle directly to the person, or barking;
  • Danger alert. Dogs can warn their handlers about strangers, suspicious sounds or smells, upcoming panic attacks, etc.;
  • Guiding job. Sometimes, people who take specific medications for depression, anxiety, and other mental problems can become disoriented and even get lost easily. That’s where a PSD is very helpful. They are able to walk the person to a safe place (in case there any potential danger), find their relatives or close friends, or even help to find their own house;
  • Balance keepers. Some psychiatric disabilities that substantially limits one or more major life activities in a person may be treated only with serious tranquilizers, so they do not feel very confident while walking. A PSD can assist their handlers in this situation as well;
  • PSD can stop obsessive-compulsive behavior and assist them in staying present in this reality. If the dog owner starts to zone out or to do something harmful, a dog’s main task is to stop it and distract them from the activity.

In order to get a service dog (a psychiatric service dog), the person has to have one of the following disabilities:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD);
  • Anxiety;
  • Depression;
  • Any learning disabilities;
  • Frequent panic attacks;
  • Bipolar disorder;
  • Different type of phobias;
  • Attention-deficit and hyperactivity disorders;
  • OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder);
  • Autism.

All psychiatric service dogs have to finish a special training program in order to help their owners who need their assistance in completing tasks for their daily routine. If people do not need physical help, the chances are they just require an emotional support anil (ESA) for moral support. In this case, a therapist should write a special recommendation letter that claims a person requires this type of help.

How to register a psychiatric service dog online?

Psychiatric service dog registration is an easy and quick process that usually doesn’t require a lot of time. The only thing that may take some time is getting a recommendation letter from a mental health professional (recommended). After a consultation, they write a note where they confirm your need in PSD.

After that, you need to provide all required information about you and your pet at My Service Animal in a special registration form. After confirmation, your pet will be added to our database, and a PDF file with a registration confirmation will be sent to your email. You need to send us the following info to complete the registration:

  • Name and breed of your dog;
  • Your name and phone number;
  • Street address;
  • City and the state;
  • The photo of your pet (it is not required).

If you want to, it is also possible to purchase an ID card, registration certificate, a service dog tag, and other accessories at our website. Please, contact us if you have any trouble during this process or have any additional questions.

2 reviews for Psychiatric Service Dogs
online registration only

  1. user

    That’s a very convenient option for those who do not need a physical copy of the certificate, great. Fast and easy.

  2. Anna

    Love your work guys, you are amazing!

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