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Service Dog Harness

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Harnesses are a comfortable everyday accessory that shows the status of your pet without any words or uncomfortable conversations.

➡Made from the strongest materials on the market.

➡With Reflective safety band



Most service dog handlers choose to have accessories that show the status of the pet to the people around. In this way, you demonstrate that the dog is a working animal that is trained specifically for the disability of the person and is currently on duty.

At My Service Animal, it is possible to buy all essential supplies related to your dog’s responsibilities specifics. Of course, you may go to the shop and pick it there, but wouldn’t it be much more comfortable to choose everything you need online at the best price? We are talking about ID cards, vests, harnesses, tags, and so much more. Also, you can use a free online registration of your pet on our website. Do not hesitate to ask in case you have any questions!

What is a vest for a service animal?

Service dog vests (also known as the harness) is the accessory that shows people that your dog is with you in order to help you with your disability. It is not required, but a lot of owners choose to have it to avoid uncomfortable talks and problems that may occur in public places.

On our website, vests are available for dogs according to their breed, size, weight, and other factors that you can clarify when ordering items. Also, vests are available in different variations: with pockets, handles, of various colors, etc. If you search for a specific design, brand or have any questions – contact customer support to consult. We will help you to find a perfect accessory for your dog.

What are the benefits of a service dog harness?

It is a well-known fact that, with a service dog, you are allowed to visit all establishments – restaurants, hospitals, malls, cinemas, schools and universities, etc. All doors are opened for you, and you can come wherever you would like to. Managers and staff are not allowed to refuse to provide you a service or ask you to leave. And such products as vests and ID cards are meant for showing your status without the need to ask unnecessary questions.

Please remember, according to the ADA, people are not allowed to ask you details about your disability, what tasks your dog helps you with, and why do you need a service dog. The only two questions they are allowed to ask are whether your pet is a service animal and do you require the help of a service dog.

Moreover, with the help of a harness, your service dog may avoid distractions during their work. When society sees the accessory that proves the status of the animal, it understands that the dog is on duty and cannot be bothered. It is not here to play, get pats, or interact in any other way. The dog is here to support and help its handler. Of course, there still will be some people who do not understand that and ask some questions, but with the vest, the number of these curious individuals will reduce dramatically.

Register and get all the accessories for your Service Dog or Emotional Support Animal (ESA)

At MyServiceAnimal, the owners of service dogs, emotional support animals, and therapy dogs may register them. By adding your pets to our database, you prove their status and can show it to anyone who doubts the trustworthiness of your words.

According to the ADA rules, ESAs and therapy dogs have to be registered and have a valid registration. That is why we offer you to do it here quickly, easily, and with our assistance (if needed). Also, if you would like to purchase an ID card, harness, tag, certificate of registration, or any other items at the best price – let us know.  We are always ready to help you and your service dog!


XS – 13 to 35 lbs, S – 26 to 66 lbs, M – 57 to 99 lbs, L – 88 to 155 lbs, XL – 132 to 200 lbs, XXL – 170 to 310 lbs

5 reviews for Service Dog Harness

  1. Norma Cadengo Paz

    It looks so cute on my tiny dog

  2. Un.

    Really durable material, thank you guys

  3. Natty

    Nice product, the material is very pleasant, a lot of color options. I chose the red one for my doggy. The parcel was delivered very fast, that’s definitely a plus. Can recommend it to others!

  4. Lucy

    the quality of the harness is great, I loved everything. thank you.

  5. Mary-Elizabeth

    A great product made of the nicest material. I was very nervous that I picked the wrong size, but everything fit perfectly. Did you know that these are available in different colors? I was very surprised. great job, guys!

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