Emotional support animal Information and Law

An Emotional Support Animal

(ESA) is an animal that gives moral support to those with the problems like anxiety, depression, phobias, fears, or relationship problems. They are playing the role of a companion for people who need this and should not complete training by federal law. However, the animal has to be well-behaved at establishments for people.
Different from service animals, Emotional support animals has to be registered. To do this, the handler has to obtain an emotional animal support letter from the therapist. This process is quick and easy, so do not be afraid that you won’t be able to do it!
On our website, you can get answers to all your questions, as well as our support during the registration process. Moreover, we are working with various mental health professionals that can sign the official document for you. It will be later shipped to your physical address. So, no worries, we are ready to help!

ESA and Travelling


Emotional support animals are allowed at apartments, college dorms, townhomes, condos, and mobile home parks, even if those have a “no pet” policy. However, the property owner has a right to ask for proof that the visitor needs an ESA.

Airline Travel

Most of the airlines allow ESA at the airplane cabins. The owners do not need to pay a pet fee for their ESA. However, you should notify the airline of choice about your pet in advance. You should also demonstrate a letter from your doctor, which will prove that you require an ESA.
The animal should sit between the owner’s knees or on their lap during the flight. Some airlines have restrictions on which breeds and animals are allowed in the cabin. In addition, some airlines will ask you to sign a behavior form to make sure your pet is well-trained. They can also ask for proof that your ESA has all the needed vaccines.

Domestic Travel

Airlines cannot forbid ESA to enter the cabin. The person should warn an airline about their ESA beforehand. The animal has to be on the leash and can be with the owner during the whole flight. The owner does not have to pay any extra fee for a pet.
The airline will ask you to show a letter from the doctor about the necessity of ESA presence. They can also require you to sign a form that proves your pet is well-behaved and won’t cause any troubles. Sometimes, airlines ask the owner to confirm that ESA has all the obligatory vaccines.

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