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Service Dog Online Database Registration

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It is proof that your dog is a working animal and has all the right to be near you at every place you visit. Include your dog in our database and forget about all uncomfortable situations you may get into.

$ 26

Not a physical product, only an online registration in our database with on-page verification.

You can order physical Service Dog registration with an ID card here.

Registration can be completed online only (in this case, you will be added to our database with a unique registration number and will be able to prove your status easily), or you can also order an ADA certificate of the registration (most dog owners prefer having it in case a copy is needed somewhere). Everything you purchased will be delivered to your address in three to five working days. By the way, we offer free shipping to our clients, so that’s also a nice little treat.

Various accessories are available here as well: a service dog ID card, tag, vests, leashes, and different other products. Just choose everything you need and complete your order. In case there are any questions about the support dog registration itself, the ordering process, or anything about the way we work – customer support is here for you!

How to register a Service Dog in MyServiceAnimal online database

The process of animal registration is the same for service dogs and other variations of our little helpers. It is simple and quick so you won’t waste a lot of time. The only thing you should remember is that all service animals are trained specifically for one’s disability. So if you would like to turn your dog into a service dog, you will need to complete a special training program.

After finishing “studying,” the dog can be registered by the handler. The main thing here is to provide all the needed documentation and information about you and your service dog. If you got a doctor’s letter from your private therapist and finish the ADA dog training program you can process registration on this page.

The information we need from you includes:

  • Name of the dog that requires to be registered;
  • The dog’s breed;
  • Street address (this one is entirely private and can be used only for the shipping of your order);
  • City and the state;
  • Your dog’s photo (this one is optional).

After the confirmation, your dog will be added to the database on our website. Usual people also order special Housing Accommodation Request in PDF, a special document to demonstrate in the hotel or any other rented place that you require the presence of the ADA animal to your landlord or manager. A confirmation email of your registration with a link to our database verification will be sent to the email you indicated in the form.

Service Dog Registration Online. What are the benefits?

A service dog registration is not only for confirming your dog’s status as a working animal who helps you with a disability. It is also very helpful when traveling or living in rented housing. Some people demand proof of your dog’s status, as well as it may be needed when buying a ticket to a flight (if they know for sure you need assistance from a service dog, you won’t be separated from your dog; it will be able to sit near you or between your legs and the chair in front of you).

Not only that, but registration also means that you and your animal are now protected by USA Service Dog laws. In this way, you can be calm in case of any troubles because justice is now on your side. So do not wait and register your dog at MyServiceAnimal Registrar. We are always here to help you!

What is the difference between ADA online and regular registration with an ID card?

If you choose online registration, your pet is only added to the online registrar on our website and doesn’t get any physical documents to prove its status. That means you only have an online webpage with all the information about your dog to confirm the need for their presence. Regular registration also includes certain service dog id cards to show people that the pet is currently on duty and helps you with your disability. Useful accessories to show the special pet status of your dog you can order an animal tag, ADA vest, leash, and collar. It is possible to buy accessories for service animals after the online registration; just indicate your registration number in the ordering form.

8 reviews for Service Dog Online Database Registration

  1. Oliver S.

    Even though I thought this process will be hard and challenging, service animal registration is actually not so complicated. Especially with the help of customer support which is 100% qualified and experienced here. 10 out of 10!

  2. Alex

    I admire your work, you really made your clients a priority. Thank you so much for the perfect service, I am very happy about it!

  3. Kristen Spencer

    I was amazed by the great service my service animal provides. The registration was easy and quick, I didn’t even worry. Thank you for your work!

  4. Lucy M.

    No complaints. I am very happy with my experience. You can surely work with these guys!

  5. zoritoler imol

    I like this website very much so much fantastic information.

  6. gralion torile

    Keep working ,remarkable job!

  7. Alice G.

    I was afraid it would be hard, but actually, this process is quite easy. Thanks!

  8. Brian L.

    Your company is fabulous, I’m so glad I’ve found you

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