The Registration for ESAs in Oregon

It is difficult to deny the positive influence of animals on the psychological state of a person. Pet owners become more open and communicative, as animals provide them with a sense of comfort and security. And emotional support animals, in addition, are also an approved method of therapy for various mental maladies. That’s why we’ve put together all the information you need to know to become an ESA owner in Oregon.

Getting a permit to own an ESA in Oregon


Emotional support animals are needed for those patients who need constant care. In this case, even caring for an animal and daily walks are also a way of therapy, which is designed to cause improvements in the mental condition of a person. However, you can’t just become an emotional support animal owner in Oregon. Of course, your pet can cheer you up and provide you with the necessary level of comfort and a sense of security, but this is not enough for an animal to be called an ESA.

In order to become an ESA owner in Oregon, you must go through several stages: from visiting a specialized doctor to purchasing special equipment and accessories necessary for the animal.

Licensed mental health professionals for ESA letter

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If you have noticed negative changes in your non-physical shape and need succor and support, you should first contact a specialist. A psychologist or psychiatrist will be able to identify your mental disorders and help you choose the most effective method of therapy.

Pay special attention to the choice of a mental health professional. If you have friends or acquaintances who are already undergoing therapy with a specialist, you can ask them for recommendations. Or you can find a psychologist yourself. It is important that the therapist is qualified in your type of mental disorder, and that you are comfortable working with them. In this case, the therapy will have the greatest result.

You can visit several specialists at once for consultation and choose the one with whom you are most comfortable cooperating. In addition, be sure to check the doctor’s license. In Oregon, therapists recommend emotional support animals when patients have mental and behavioral disorders such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, bipolar personality disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and other inner frustrations.

In order for a mental health professional to be able to issue you with a correct and valid ESA letter, make sure that the therapist is sufficiently qualified and familiar with the impact of emotional support animals on the psychosomatics of their owners. An ESA letter is, in fact, an emotional support animal’s only document, so in order to be legally binding, it must be issued in accordance with Oregon law.

Also, do not forget that the specialist will not be able to recommend you an emotional support animal after the first consultation. In order to have sufficient grounds for recommending ESA, the therapist must conduct not only an initial assessment of your psycho-emotional condition but find out all the details of the disorder, its manifestations, and the symptoms that accompany it. Since emotional support animals are only adjunctive therapy in Oregon, you will also be prescribed medication and regular therapy sessions with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Learn more about how Emotional Support Animal helps with anxiety.

Animal distributors and shelters in Oregon

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The main difference between emotional support animals and service animals is that ESAs do not undergo special training in order to help their owners. An emotional support animal does not have to perform particular tasks or be able to provide first aid. Their main task is to provide comfort and a favorable emotional environment for their owners.

Therefore, if you have already received an ESA letter, you do not need to look for special training centers for animals, you can buy the animal you want from distributors or take it from a shelter. Also, if you already have a pet that brings you positive emotions and makes you feel better next to it, you can register it as an emotional support animal.

There are several shelters in Oregon where you can adopt an animal. These are usually animals rescued from adverse living conditions. They become faithful friends with their owners. Moreover, helping animals in the shelter can also become part of therapy. Among the most popular shelters in Oregon are Oregon Humane Society, Oregon Dog Rescue, and Puplandia Dog Rescue. All animals in the shelters are vaccinated and treated against parasites, and dog trainers work with them, so the animals know basic commands and norms of behavior in society and interact with people and other animals.

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Oregon ESA registration and necessary items

After receiving the letter from the doctor, for your convenience, you can apply for an Emotional Support Animal ID card, ESA Vest, ESA collar, Pet Tag, and other support pet accessories at the registrar’s MyServiceAnimal. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment for the animal. At the initial stage, a collar, a leash, as well as special bowls for animals are enough. Yet, you may also need a muzzle, harness, and animal carrier.

For the comfort of your pet, you can also purchase a special pet bed and toys. Also, don’t forget that emotional support animals also need care and nurturing. Visit the vet and groomer regularly, and take care of the animal’s appearance at home. For this, you will need care cosmetics for animals, as well as combs, especially for the shedding period.

Can you register your cat as ESA in Oregon? Sure, you can know more in the article: How to Register an ESA cat

Oregon State Legislation

ESA Cat ID card

In Oregon, there are no specific laws regarding emotional support animals, so state laws apply here. Thus, the Fair Housing Act is the only law directly related to ESA activities. According to this ordinance, emotional support animals have the right to live with their handlers, even if pets are prohibited by the landlord. At the same time, tenants do not have to pay extra for the animal’s accommodation or make a deposit. However, in case of damage caused by an animal, residents are obliged to take responsibility.

As for travel, emotional support animals in Oregon have long been able to accompany their owners into the cabin and be with people during the flight. However, today the laws have changed and ESAs have the same rights as pets when traveling by air. If your animal is not too large, you can use the services of pet-friendly airlines to transport the animal in the cabin. Or you can also transport the animal in the baggage compartment or as cargo.

The same goes for public access to emotional support animals in Oregon. The animal cannot accompany you to restaurants and stores if it is against the rules of the establishment. Today, however, more and more establishments are becoming pet-friendly and are even ready to offer your pet treats while you relax with friends.

You also do not have an official right to bring an emotional support animal into your workplace. All these prohibitions for ESA are most often justified by the fact that emotional support animals do not have a sufficient level of training, so their reaction to other people, especially strangers, can be unpredictable. Although you cannot request permission for your ESA to accompany you to the workplace, employers are often respectful of the needs of their employees. Therefore, if you are sure that the animal will not pose a threat to the environment and will help to increase your productivity and efficiency, talk about it with your management. You may be able to reach a compromise.

Can I get a psychiatric service animal in Oregon?

Due to the restrictions on emotional support animals in Oregon, many people believe that a psychiatric service dog is the best option for them. Given that the PSD is primarily a service animal, its rights are much broader and include permission to accompany its owners anywhere.

As we said earlier, psychiatric service animals go through special training before they start helping their owners. PSD is usually recommended for patients with severe forms of mental disorders who require around-the-clock supervision and first aid if necessary.

Also, do not attempt to pass off your emotional support animal as a psychiatric service dog, as this is a criminal offense. PSD has a special doctor’s letter that confirms that the animal is a service one. If you fail to provide these documents or provide false papers, you may be charged with an offense and fined. If you feel the need for a psychiatric service animal, consult with your therapist and weigh all the pros and cons.

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