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Nick Torres

MyServiceAnimal CEO

Founder and ideological leader of the MyServiceAnimal project.

animals are my passion, that’s why I became a veterinarian and then decided to start a company and help both people and animals


Part of MyServiceAnimal Customer Service Representative

The happy owner of the service dogs Patrick & Coco

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Jul 31, 2022

Emotional Support Animals for Indiana Residents

Emotional support animals are growingly being incorporated as an ancillary remedy for men with diverse of psychical complaints and disturbances. These four-legged therapists can help people with anxiety, social phobia, panic attacks, and many other afflictions. At the same time, the improvement of the patient’s psychological condition also often has a positive effect on his […]

Jul 6, 2022

What Should the Emotional Support Animal Owners in Florida Know?

Companion animals are faithful friends and partners of people in need of psychological encouragement and uplifting. These are not ordinary pets, they are real four-legged “therapists” who help people with mental disorders to feel more confident in society, change bad habits into good ones, and achieve emotional and mental comfort and peace. In Florida, ESAs […]

Apr 22, 2022

Getting an Emotional Support Animal in Colorado Legally

Stressful situations happen to us every day, but it is much more important how we respond to them. If a person knows how to quickly switch his or her attention and let go of the situation, it is easier for him or her to cope with stress. However, many people need help with this. And […]

Apr 14, 2022

How to Register an Emotional Support Animal in Ohio

Emotional support animals, or companion animals, are loyal friends who are always ready to be there when a human needs a moral prop or someone to talk to without receiving judgmental looks or objections. That is why these creatures are so popular throughout the country. Scientists continue to explore how animals affect the psychological state […]

Apr 4, 2022

How to Fly with a Service Dog. Ultimate Guide

A lot of people suffer from aerophobia. Air travel is especially inconvenient for people with disabilities. Therefore, many airlines are now making concessions to their customers and are switching to a pet-friendly form. But still, the question of traveling with your pet confuses some people, because there are many requirements and rules that must be […]

Mar 28, 2022

Living with an ESA in California

People are increasingly aware of the seriousness of mental disturbances. The number of fixed cases of people suffering from depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, and other frustrations increases every day because people are progressively beginning to pay attention to the deviations not only in their physical but also in their psychological state. Therefore, more and more […]

Mar 21, 2022

Emotional Support Animals for Various Mental Disorders

Pets have always been man’s true friends. They bring us joy and happiness and touch us with their appearance. Children who grow up in a home where there are pets grow up to be more friendly, sociable and inquisitive. Older people often get pets so that they have someone to take care of them. But […]

Mar 2, 2022

How Emotional Support Animal helps with OCD

The importance of animals for human well-being is becoming increasingly clear. The lack of healthy relationships with the outside world in most people leads to an increasing number of depressions, stressful conditions, loneliness and various types of diseases. The use of animals in medicine is a scientific method for the treatment and prevention of serious […]

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