Emotional Support Animals for Indiana Residents

Emotional support animals are growingly being incorporated as an ancillary remedy for men with diverse of psychical complaints and disturbances. These four-legged therapists can help people with anxiety, social phobia, panic attacks, and many other afflictions. At the same time, the improvement of the patient’s psychological condition also often has a positive effect on his physical health.

And if the effectiveness of ESAs does not cause much debate, their status and rights, on the contrary, are a constant topic of controversy. So if you want to be an emotional support animal possessor in Indiana, you should be aware of all the pitfalls that you may encounter in becoming an ESA handler.

What does a Companion Animal do?

Happy family with ESA cat

Psychologists and psychotherapists put forward the idea of acquiring emotional support animals for their patients in copious cases. It is hard to overestimate the advantageous influence of these creatures on the psychosomatic situation of their keepers, as they aid humans even with hard ailments such as PTSD, ADHD, severe forms of clinical depression, and other problems.

Emotional support animals, besides, help alleviate stress. An animal can very rarely trigger a critical situation for its owner. In exchange, it gives unquestioning love and solicitude, thanks to which a person feels more confident and protected. What’s more, animals keep you from getting lost in your thoughts which makes them a great way to clear your mind.

Also, animals significantly affect your daily routine. An animal requires care and a certain discipline, which in turn helps to improve the performance of your daily chores and increases your productivity. What’s more, animals ameliorate the sleep of their holders. First, interacting with animals requires more energy, spending which you will have a better chance of getting a better night’s rest. Second, emotional support animals often protect their owners from nightmares.

When can you ask a psychotherapist about an ESA in Indiana?

If you feel any disturbances in your health, contact a specialist immediately. In addition, some physical health problems can also be indicators of mental frustration. Therefore, if you, for example, suffer from insomnia, ask your therapist for advice. In most cases, insomnia is a consequence of a non-physical illness.

During the talk with a psychotherapist, you can consider your therapy plan, and if you think that an emotional support animal can help you cope with the disorder more quickly, be sure to talk over this possibility with an expert. After several sessions with you, the specialist will be able to settle whether an ESA will be a functional method of therapy in your particular case.

If you are already undergoing remedy with a doctor and are thinking about obtaining an emotional support animal, suggest this option to your therapist. Maybe you have noticed before that interacting with animals has a positive effect on your non-physical health. A professional will weigh all the pros and cons and will recommend an emotional support animal as an auxiliary method of treatment. In this case, you will gain an ESA letter.

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Getting a certificate for an animal

To become a formal handler of an emotional support animal in Indiana, you have to have an ESA letter. This certificate substantiates the permissibility of the animal. An ESA letter in Indiana can be issued by your therapist, a mental health professional, such as a psychologist or a psychiatrist, or a general practitioner who is familiar with your psychological condition and course of treatment.

ESA Cat ID card
ESA Registration Service

In addition, in order for the specialist to be able to issue you the indispensable document, he or she must have ample knowledge in the field of ESA. Therefore, we recommend checking the requisite qualifications of the therapist before the consultation.

You can also get an ESA letter online by filling out a special questionnaire on one of the verified services. This is a great option for those who don’t feel like talking to a psychologist personally. However, be careful when choosing a service so as not to become a victim of fraudsters.

In order to check the legality of the document, pay attention to its appearance and the availability of all the requisite data. The paper must be issued on the specialist’s official letterhead with his license number and contact details on it. Also, the document should not take in any particulars about all aspects of your disorder and the course of treatment, but only confirm the existence of a problem and the need for an emotional support animal for its treatment.

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The freedoms of ESAs in Indiana

Unfortunately, Indiana does not have any additional legislation regarding emotional support animals. ESAs are not service animals, so the ADA does not protect their rights. At the same time, this is a separate category of assistance animals, so the same regulations that apply to pets cannot be applied to ESAs in Indiana.

Unfortunately, as of today, the Department of Transportation has stopped providing special privileges for emotional support animals during travel. According to Indiana law, ESAs cannot follow their possessors into the cabin of an airplane during a flight. A flight, though, is a stressful situation for many people and can even become a catalyst for a panic attack. Therefore, if you plan to travel a lot and want your pet to be near you and provide you with the spiritual mainstay you need, we recommend that you think about training your ESA, so it could become a psychiatric service animal.

In all other cases, you will have to transport your pet in the baggage compartment. However, some airlines allow the carrying of small animals as a carry-on. You can find this information on the air carrier’s website.

If we are talking about employment, employers in Indiana are not obliged to allow their workers to bring their emotional support animals to work. Yet, if you can convince your management that ESA has a positive effect on your ability to fulfill your duties, increases your productivity and efficiency at work, and does not put your colleagues in danger, your company may allow you to attend work with an ESA.

In fact, the only principle that precisely addresses emotional support animals in Indiana is the Fair Housing Act. This regulation allows ESA owners to reside with their animals, even though pets are mostly not allowed in rental properties. This law applies to rented apartments and university campuses. However, if you want to stay at the hotel with your pet, you should discuss this in advance with the management.

The rights of tenants and landlords

The Fair Housing Act protects the rights of both lessees and lessors. For example, a householder cannot disallow you to dwell with an emotional support animal because of the animal’s breed, size, or weight. Unlike service animals, ESAs are not bounded to dogs, so any animal you feel comfortable with can be your companion. Also, a lessor in Indiana cannot expect you to pay an extra fee or pet deposit in connection with the residence of an ESA.

Furthermore, ESAs do not require extra preparation, so the lessor cannot demand from you certificates that the animal has undergone special training. Similarly, the landlord should not require you to have special equipment, like an animal vest, or other identifying marks. Nonetheless, we indicate that having an emotional animal ID card or a pet tag can greatly simplify your stay with an animal in public places. So, if you already have an ESA letter from a therapist, you can for your convenience issue these items in the registrar’s MyServiceAnimal.

At the same time, you must provide the innkeeper with all the required pieces of evidence, which may include not only the ESA letter but also additional medical records, as well as a certificate from a veterinarian that the animal has all the required vaccinations. You must also follow the rules of living in the building, take care of the animal’s appearance, and also collect waste of animal origin.

In case of rejection of your reasonable accommodation request or eviction, the host must come up with objective evidence of the animal’s unacceptable behavior. Such acts of the proprietor will not be considered discrimination if the animal behaves aggressively, poses a threat to other residents, or damages the possessions of a householder. Additionally, in Indiana, a housing provider has the right to decline residence for tenants with an emotional support animal if the animal’s presence would cause undue financial stress to them.

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