10 Best Emotional Support Cats Breeds

Everyone needs a psychological prop and many find it in animals. An emotional support cat is a great alternative for those who do not love dogs but still need emotional support that can be provided by animals. Here we’ve selected a few emotional support cat breeds which can handle this role best.

Who needs an emotional support animal?

Interaction with animals raises the level of the hormone oxytocin, which in turn helps to reduce the level of the hormone that causes stress – cortisol. Therefore, now, when stressful conditions arise, doctors even recommend getting yourself a pet.

In addition, with the help of an emotional support animal, it is much easier for a person to talk, make new acquaintances or maintain a conversation. Pet owners often get to know each other and begin to communicate during walks, in pet stores, and on the Internet. After all, they always have something to discuss and something to talk about. In this way, our “younger friends” help us deal with loneliness and shyness.

The distinctness of an emotional support cat

The ability to positively influence the well-being of the owner is one of the most famous abilities of cats. Surely you know about their beneficial effects on sleep, stress resistance, blood pressure. The warm and rhythmic purring of a beloved cat relaxes a person, helps him get rid of nervous tension and overwork. Cats also have a good preventive effect on people prone to depression and other mental disorders.

It is believed that cats feel the mood of their owners and are always there if one of them is sad. High sensitivity to human emotions is associated with a special organ in cats that helps them distinguish between fear or joy hormones by smell. Cats help their owners cope with depression, loneliness, insomnia, and other mental disorders. For sure, You can Register an Emotional Support Cat with MyServiceAnimal registrar.

ESA Cat ID card
ESA Cat ID card

General cat breeds description


The main feature of the psychology of cats is their independence. These pets cannot be forced to obey and obey commands. Despite its love of freedom, a cat is able to sincerely attach to a person, and the more valuable its love will be. Cats are able to react sensitively to changes in the owner’s mood and even feel his pain. There are also very playful, active cats, but their whims do not cause inconvenience and are perceived as funny little pranks.

All cats have different characters and it is very difficult to say which character is better, it all depends on what is closer to you. Each breed has its own characteristics that must be considered when choosing a kitten. By the way, precisely in order to know what to expect from a cat in terms of character and behavior, it is better to give preference to purebred animals. Each breed is characterized by certain well-established specific behavioral characteristics. That’s why it is difficult to name the best cat breeds to become emotional support animals.

Russian blue cats

Russian blue ESA Cat

Russian blues are very calm, well-mannered, and have a mild temperament. They are obedient and tactful. These are smart creatures who love to show their character, despite their delicacy and meekness. In communication with the owner, the cat shows its best qualities. Russian blue always reacts to the gestures, tone, and speech of a person. It is not prone to the demonstration of revenge and sabotage.

Russian blue cat is perfect for family life. Also, this creature is often kept by lonely elderly people. The cat knows how to listen to a person’s monologues, calming him or her down during depression and adversity. In contact with people, Russian blue never releases its claws, even if it is mistreated. Conflicts can arise only in relationships with domestic dogs.

Maine Coon

ESA maine coon kittens
ESA maine coon kittens

Maine Coons are very trainable, extremely affectionate, and sociable. They are usually calm and feel great around dogs, other cats, and people. The breed has adapted well to survive in the harsh New England climate and is therefore characterized by good health and stamina. Walking for this breed is an important element of their life. They walk in any weather, easily get used to the collar and leash. Maine Coons behave calmly on the street, do not seek to run away and hide.

Maine coon cat is very vociferous and can make a variety of sounds, including howling and chirping. These creatures hate loneliness and should be at the center of all events taking place in the house. They are very loving and perfectly adapt to the rhythm of life of the owners, which easily makes them equal members of the family. Maine Coon’s favorite habit is to sleep with the owner.

Siamese cats

Siamese ESA Cat

Siamese cats are unusually beautiful due to their color combined with blue eyes. They are very active and cheerful animals. They love outdoor games, chasing a toy, catching a candy wrapper on a string. Siamese cats are very attached to their owners. They are quite jealous, so they rarely get along with other pets, with the exception of representatives of their own breed.

The Siamese cat hates loneliness, so if you are often not at home, if possible, get the animal a couple or provide entertainment for the pet, otherwise you risk returning to find tattered curtains and sofa upholstery, as well as scraps of paper throughout the apartment.

Persian cats

Persian ESA Cat

The behavior of the Persians is fundamentally different from the behavior of other cats. They are not noisy and generally rarely give voice. If the Persian cat needs something from the owner, it will sit next to him or her and faithfully look into the eyes, expecting a response. These cats do not rush around the house like a hurricane, do not hunt, and like to spend their time wallowing in some warm pleasant place with their owner.

Due to their restrained character, the Persians create an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility in the house. They are in no hurry, never allow themselves to persistently demand attention from the owner. This is the ideal cat for those who do not like the intrusiveness and excessive activity of moving breeds. At the same time, these cats perfectly learn basic commands and do their best to please their handler and provide a human with emotional support.

American shorthair cats

American shorthair ESA Cat

American Shorthair cats have a calm and pleasant temperament. This cat breed can adapt well to other cats and friendly dogs in the house. They are smart and gentle pets, people-oriented, but do not need their constant attention. The American Shorthair is ideal if you want a gentle and outgoing cat that loves to be around, but not too close. If you spend all day at work, the American Shorthair is also a good choice.

This cat breed has strong hunting instincts and loves to catch and kill mice, both real and toy. American Shorthair cats have a huge need for play and usually remain active and playful until old age. They love to play with the owner, but they also know how to entertain themselves on their own.

American bobtail cats

American bobtail ESA Cat

American bobtail is a very friendly, loving, affectionate, and tender breed. They are balanced, calm cats, but they do not easily tolerate loneliness. These cats are truly attached to their master and have a unique ability to sensitively pick up the slightest changes in his mood. That is why this breed is often used as an emotional support cat.

Bobtails are smart, easy to train, and flexible. They get along well with other inhabitants of the house, even with dogs. Despite the rather “wild” appearance, these are very affectionate and gentle, truly domestic creatures. Being extremely active and energetic, they are very fond of walks and outdoor games. A cat of this breed can follow commands and bring a toy or other items.

Bengal cat

Bengal ESA Cat

The character of Bengal cats combines the temperament of a wild predator with the friendliness of a pet. Bengals have a highly developed hunting instinct, so they adore outdoor games: roll balls, play with a bow, track down “prey”. These cats do not require much grooming. It is enough to regularly trim their nails and comb them out.

With the right upbringing, Bengal cats grow up to be affectionate, sociable, and curious cats. They get along well with other pets, love children. Bengal cats are quick-witted and well-trained. Thanks to these qualities, Bengal is an excellent ESA cat, which is suitable for the treatment of many mental disorders.

Ragdoll cat

Ragdoll ESA Cat

The Ragdoll is probably the most unflappable of all domestic cat breeds. These animals have a balanced character, undemanding, preferring to adapt to circumstances. They behave trustingly, affectionately with the owner, ask for attention. Thanks to the special bond with the owner of the ragdoll, this is a wonderful emotional support cat.

Ragdolls are sociable, friendly animals. They love attention and gladly accept the caress of the owner. This breed does not need a lot of space, but it can be free-range from time to time. Like other felines, these animals need constant access to food, water, and a litter box. It is important for the animal to feel safe.


Sphynx ESA cat

Sphynx cats are companion pets. At the same time, they like not only to follow the owner but also to draw attention to themselves. Animals need regular communication and spending time together. Natural courage makes the cat vulnerable to larger predators and needs to be controlled. Also, the animal is characterized by equanimity at the sight of new people and quick adaptation to a change of dwelling place.

Moreover, sphinxes know and understand many words from human speech, are easily trained, and execute simple commands. However, like many animals with high intelligence, they are stubborn and ready to work only for their favorite delicacy and only in a good mood. Sphinxes need both outdoor and intellectual games.

An animal of this breed does not shed and does not need regular combing of the fallen hairs. However, the sphinx’s skin needs to be carefully monitored and cleansed. Also, the animal does not react well to temperature changes, so it is necessary to maintain an optimal climate for the cat in the house.


Abyssinian ESA Cat

Abyssinian is perhaps the most energetic cat breed in existence. They are on the move all the time – either playing, or “helping” the owner, or exploring their territory. They easily find something to do, instantly, like children, switching from one to another. These cats are very independent and will not allow being stroked and petted if they do not have such a desire.

Abyssinian cats do not need special care. They have a soft coat that does not even need to be combed out regularly. These cats are a godsend for those who cannot afford to devote a lot of time to caring for animals.

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