Mar 28, 2022

Living with an ESA in California

People are increasingly aware of the seriousness of mental disturbances. The number of fixed cases of people suffering from depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, and other frustrations increases every day because people are progressively beginning to pay attention to the deviations not only in their physical but also in their psychological state. Therefore, more and more […]

Mar 21, 2022

Emotional Support Animals for Various Mental Disorders

Pets have always been man’s true friends. They bring us joy and happiness and touch us with their appearance. Children who grow up in a home where there are pets grow up to be more friendly, sociable and inquisitive. Older people often get pets so that they have someone to take care of them. But […]

Mar 8, 2022

Service Animals Housing Rights

Humans with inabilities can often feel cut off from the world and society. They have special needs, and asking someone for help is often difficult. That is why service animals are especially popular among such humans. These creatures are expressly tamed to perform almost any tasks of their owners. Moreover, the constant vicinity of an […]

Mar 2, 2022

How Emotional Support Animal helps with OCD

The importance of animals for human well-being is becoming increasingly clear. The lack of healthy relationships with the outside world in most people leads to an increasing number of depressions, stressful conditions, loneliness and various types of diseases. The use of animals in medicine is a scientific method for the treatment and prevention of serious […]

Feb 23, 2022

What to Do If Your Therapist Won’t Write You an ESA Letter

Emotional support animals, or companion animals, are an essential part of the therapy for various mental maladies. The benefits of ESA have been repeatedly proven by various mental health professionals. And every day more and more people resort to this type of therapy. For many humans, it is really easier to overcome their frustrations, fears […]

Feb 1, 2022

Renting an Apartment with an Emotional Support Animal

How to rent an apartment with support animal Every day the number of men having registered emotional support animals that help them cope with various psycho-emotional maladies is increasing. Many scientific studies in this field show the undeniable positive impact of animals on the mental state of a person. For example, ESAs help to cope […]

Jan 21, 2022

Where You Have the Right to Take Your Emotional Support Animal

Today, an emotional support animal is not just a pet, it is more of a friend and companion with whom you want to spend as much time as possible. The effect of ESA on the psycho-emotional state of a person is considered a full-fledged therapy that individuals with inabilities should receive on a regular basis. […]

Jan 4, 2022

10 Best Emotional Support Cats Breeds

Everyone needs a psychological prop and many find it in animals. An emotional support cat is a great alternative for those who do not love dogs but still need emotional support that can be provided by animals. Here we’ve selected a few emotional support cat breeds which can handle this role best. Who needs an […]