Sep 8, 2021

How Emotional Support Animals Help People with Emotional Disorders

Animals have been loyal and devoted pets of people for many years. Dogs, for example, were originally used only for hunting or for protecting property. However, over time, these animals have primarily become faithful companions and partners. Nowadays, animals are also used for the treatment of physical and psychological illnesses. There are several types of […]

Jun 29, 2021

Reasonable Accommodation Request to Rent with Service Dog

A lot of people with disabilities, especially those who are new to this lifestyle, do not understand various aspects of this new routine and how they work. Today, we would like to talk about one of those factors – reasonable accommodation. What is this thing? How does it work? How exactly can reasonable accommodation requests […]

May 30, 2021

Everything You Need to Know about Psychiatric Service Dogs

These types of animals are often confused with emotional support animals because most service animals are associated with such issues as blindness or limited mobility. However, psychiatric service dogs perform a very important part in people’s lives too, due to their special training that teaches them to perform tasks for people with mental and emotional […]

Apr 18, 2021

Common Service Dog Breeds

Service dogs became a lifesaver for many people with various disabilities – from mental health problems to serious physical issues. They make everyday routine much more manageable and let their owners live a full, happy life despite all their health troubles. And even though almost every dog can be trained to perform specific tasks for […]

Apr 6, 2021

Service Animal Definition and Key Features

Dogs are living with people as pets for hundreds of years now. Various breeds, sizes, and characters. Every dog has its own individual character, and that is why lots of owners see them as their best friends and support. Due to this fact, along with the incredible ability to learn fast, the concept of “service […]